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If your target market is young families, or women in the 21-41 age group, you need to advertise your product on to receive the highest market saturation of your advertising message!

Banner ads are reasonably priced and reach thousands of moms and your targeted audience.

Standard Vertical Banner AD (maximum of 6 vertical ads shown on home page at one time, with possible rotation of up to 10 different ads) $100 month.
Prominent horizontal banner ad on top of Home page. Size is larger than standard ads by 150% available for $250 a month.

Banner ads can be custom created for clients for $50, and can include animation at no additional charge. These are finished ads that can be used on other web sites, and become the property of the client to do with as they choose.

Discounts are available for advertisers who agree to a multi-month contract. There will be a 10% discount for advertisers signing a six-month contract and a 20% discount for those signing a year agreement.

For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX cash and checks.

To advertise, please contact Kerry Farrell at (334) 793-9042
or email